Common Car Accident Injuries That a Chiropractor Can Treat


If you have been a victim of a car crash, you must have spent days on a hospital bed waiting to go back home. You have been put on painkillers to deal with all the pain, but taking painkillers for months will have more severe side effects in the long run. So once you are released, it is best to visit a car accident chiropractor in San Jose to help you deal with all the pain without the need for painkillers. 

The chiropractors are trained professionals who make use of various treatment methods to help you get back to your healthy lifestyle. Here are some common car accidents injuries that chiropractors tend to treat in San Jose-

Lower Back Pain
The majority of car accident victims end up with lower back problems. The damage to the spine is so severe that it causes pain and irritation to the victims. Sometimes it can even hinder the patients’ daily movements. See a chiropractor as soon as you face any symptoms of lower back pain. 

Neck Injuries
Like lower back injuries, neck injuries are also quite common in car accident victims, especially whiplash. Collisions cause severe damage to the soft tissues of the neck. 

What is worse is that you do not notice any neck injuries until later. But when you do notice the symptoms like stiff neck, neck pain, dizziness, headaches, or blurred vision, you should not ignore it. Seek a chiropractor immediately.

Some of Their Injuries

Here are some other injuries treated by chiropractors-
·         Tendonitis
·         Sciatica
·         Subluxation
·         Coccydynia 
·         Cerviogenic headache


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